IRISS Thermographic inspection infrared window

The Principal of using infrared (IR) viewing ports has been well established for many years. IR thermography is a proven, well tested, safe and efficient method of checking the serviceability of electrical components, and because it is a non-contact measurement it allows the test to be completed live, that is of course if the risk assessment carried out to the local health and safety regulations allows us to.

We do at times have to remove fixed covers when possible, to allow access to the components that require inspection, as we can only measure the temperature of components that we can see. This can cause problems when the components that you want to inspect are behind covers that cannot be removed or require the power to be shut off, due to switched interlocks, etc, this may be impossible to do during the Inspection as we will very rarely be able to isolate a panel due to the power loss to the systems being fed.

Currently we check the temperature measurement of such panels by monitoring the surface temperature and cable temperatures from the panel, this is an indirect measurement and will show that there are issues within the panel being inspected, but does not give any indication to the actual problem and temperature of the components within the panel.

By using IR viewing ports we are able to see the component and take direct temperature measurements to check the serviceability of the component live and safely without having to remove the cover, this then makes the inspection of your electrical systems faster, safer and removes the manpower requirement for the removal of covers during the inspection, thus making it less expensive to carry out your thermographic inspections.

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